Retail Therapy

All items can be ordered via your therapist at RAW therapy either in clinic, mobile appointments or email us with your request.

exercise-balls-for-saleExercise Balls

The Exercise Ball is available in a variety of sizes to suit individual heights, its anti-burst, soft touch material ensures that when conducting rehabilitation and even the most vigorous of core exercises you have the assurance of a quality safe product.

resistance-bands-for-saleResistance Bands

A very versatile product, it allows you to perform a variety of strength, rehab & fitness exercises. Our fitness bands are manufactured using the strongest material available. Different resistance levels accommodate all strength levels.

foam-roller-for-saleFoam Rollers

Our most popular at home rehab choice the foam roller, used to improve balance and alignment, and as part of your sports massage treatment. The white foam roller is also ideal for myofascial relief. They can help re-educate muscular flexibility and dynamic strength. Rollers are available in full round 15cm and 1/2 round to start progressive exercise programmes. Choice of 45cm and 90cm lengths.


plantar-fascia-balls-for-salePlantar Fascia Balls

These simple but effective, professionally made, hard maple wooden massage balls, roll out tightness and promote flexibility in arch and forefoot, alleviating conditions of plantar fasciitis.


Back, Shoulder, Knee, Ankle & Foot supports are available

Balance & Stability Aids

Rehabilitation Equipment